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First message received by which worked :)

I am not fully parsing it yet or actually sending it, but it gets to my server and is accepted.

Careful readers may see that this is not authenticated yet. This is on the list of things to do. This is just the very first part of the implementation. Next is state management for it and the parts like APPEND for this.

#FediTips you should block linux-themed instances because their admins don't give a shit about you if you are not a cis-het white guy and they love hosting people who will harass you for being a minority and not using #FreeSoftware

open source, warning, gunjs 

i keep an eye on p2p db projects and most of them are trash, mostly because nobody can provide strong deletes and everyone's too embarrassed to admit it up front.

gunjs is one such example. i made a PR to change a joke in the readme and eventually a few contributors started kicking around your bog standard bigot replies and excuses, best epitomized here:

anyway, stay away from gunjs. it's bad tech by bad people

Apparently this is not how you are supposed to drink the ice tea. Now I got ice but no more tea🤔

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