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A a secure, self-hostable, end-to-end encrypted cloud security camera using and Matrix?

Security fixes in hookshot, and a beautiful new release of FluffyChat?

Yes, all that and much more happened This Week in Matrix. Grab the report!

And a few experiments with getting it to generate a dinosaur skeleton bridge.

Cool pictures, mostly not quite as planned though 😅.

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Wenn du dich für einen #Messenger entscheiden müsstest, welchen würdest du wählen?

Boosts sind ausdrücklich erwünscht. 🙂

#Chatkontrolle #Datenschutz

A small overview of things I did this week at (my server) is now at :)

I personally consider this actually now "usable". It is not end user ready, but it is not a minefield anymore :)

Also, I am working on setting up a small website for it.

Eventually, that one will provide a demo server. (With a special account creation and sending restriction so that it can't be abused as an open relay)

If your instance has rapidly flashing emojis:

Could you like, not?

Instance admins, if you want flashing emojis, at least EzGif or whatever GIF editor of your choice to reduce the frequency. It like negatively affects more people than just those with epilepsy...

@fragdenstaat klingt ganz danach als wäre das die falsche Person für die Stelle 🤷

@f0x sounds like my day today. Uni from 8 to 16 with nothing from 10 to 14... And due to train ride wakeup at 3am, 5am train and back home at 19:00 :/

Made now also a list of known working things and opened a tracker for K9mail support (also affects fairmail) k9mail seems to mainly be blocked by a missing impl of the search imap command

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