Today (well yesterday) in development (a server):

Thunderbird is able to display received messages :)
K9mail still needs some more work though.

Yes that server is an erooster test server. Feel free to check it by checking what it replies on a smtp EHLO command ;)

No its not an open relay. (if it is it is a bug)

Yes it is incomplete.

More at

First message received by which worked :)

I am not fully parsing it yet or actually sending it, but it gets to my server and is accepted.

Careful readers may see that this is not authenticated yet. This is on the list of things to do. This is just the very first part of the implementation. Next is state management for it and the parts like APPEND for this.

Apparently this is not how you are supposed to drink the ice tea. Now I got ice but no more tea🤔

Hm so richtig hat Google play store mastodon noch nicht verstanden. Das ist ja mal absolut daneben.

This is how editing currently works. There is still more work on the CSS and code side needed to make this prettier, though.

The filter on the avatar is only on hover.

Show thread

This week I am focusing on the smaller details. Making it more pretty.

This means:
- Translations. (German was added already and weblate runs at )
- Editing of the profile
- CSS tweaks
- Well-Known for the login

Also, I am working on getting the Homeserver ready for public registration :)

Also seems like after the last TWIM someone also uploaded an image which is great!

After another day of work and help from @f0x and Clara / Lunera in the room, the submit page made some more progress. :)

Missing now is to add some styling to the form and wiring it up to matrix.

After that, the next big thing to solve is editing the profile page from within Matrix Art :)

I am going to try making more of these "what happened at Matrix Art" kind of Posts in the next week :)

For those curious, check out

is getting nearer the point of allowing people to upload things :)

Yesterday I made login mostly work with the option to create a profile, and today I prepared the submit page partially and secured the directory API of Matrix Art. Tomorrow I need to finish the submit page, and then I can do the Profile edit and creation page :)

So at the end of next week this probably will be usable by everyone \(^^)/

And all this due to the simplicity of the @matrix protocol :D (And a lot of help)


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