This weekends plan: discontinuing on my server. This means 100% removal of public ipv4 for my servers.

However you can still magically get to my servers. How?

I am going to use for ipv4 where possible. This works a little like magic ;)

For dns I added hurricane electric secondaries. This should cover resolving but might be a little flaky currently. Until that's stable ns2 for my domain continues doing v4.

My goal is v4 shutdown end of next week or earlier.

This should give me a true v6-only Server. There may be internal v4 still for my kubernetes cluster. But thats not going to stay either. Just the migration takes longer.

Expect some disruption if you talk to my servers (this includes the fdroid repos).


Result of this is by the way that now all services should only listen on v6. There is ipv4 fallback for my dns via a secondary at hurricane electric and ipv4 fallback is also provided via an service.

Only v4 left on my service is needed due to some weird script of the remote recovery I use to unlock the full disk encryption. The rest will soon be gone :D

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