Damn, awesome network of #matrix rooms crawled by the Traveller bot, well visualized!! 🤩🤩🤩

Take a look!


A few observations about digital vaccination certificates:

* It's really just a static QR code, you can import it into your app, but you can also make a picture of it and save it into your phones gallery. Or carry the original paper copy around.
* This unfortunately means it's easy to "steal" other peoples certificates by just scanning their code when they have it open in their app.
* The certificate will not be for your name but will that *always* be verified?

How to join a #libera.chat #IRC channel via #matrix:

1. Type /join #channel:libera.chat into your client.

Done! 🤯

How to generate a qr code on android
Stack overflow: use this website and a webview

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